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How to Apply for Membership

The Spirit of Coltishall Association


Since its inception in 2007, the Spirit of Coltishall Association has steadily grown and now has an active annual membership of more than 100 members and their partners.

The Association has taken on civic responsibilities in laying wreaths at the memorial to the 6 members of a 41(F) Sqn detachment who lost their lives in a coach crash in 1983, the Norfolk County Council Battle of Britain Ceremony and the Battle of Britain Services.  As lease holders of the RAF Coltishall Memorial Garden we ensure that it is maintained to a standard befitting the memory those who served at the Station. The Association also has an active social side holding events throughout the year which allows members to meet together in comradeship

Thus, the Association has established that it will maintain the traditions of RAF Coltishall and ensure that the memory of a great RAF Station is remembered for future generations 


The Committee set the Annual subscription at £12 in 2007 and this price has now been raised to £15 from 2018, the first increase in 11 years. This will entitle you to access to the Website and its facilities such as forums and the newsletter (The newsletter will be made available in paper format to those not online) and of course membership will offer you preferential (and in some cases exclusive) access to a range of social and other events.

We also have a range of exclusive Association merchandise such as ties, scarves jackets and badges.

Your subscription will constitute a registration fee and give membership up until the end of the calendar year. Your subscription will be due in the January of the following year. 


Please print and complete the membership form and send it with your cheque to: 



The Spirit of Coltishall Association

Cherry Trees




NR10 4HG


By completing, signing and sending the membership application pro forma you are signifying that you accept the Constitution of the Association You will have the opportunity to have your say on the Constitution, Committee and how the Association should be run in future at the Annual General Meetings that will be scheduled for March of each year


Thank you for your support and we look forward to your membership of what we hope will turn out to be a thriving and vibrant organisation worthy of its title.


Once membership to the Association has been compleated you can apply for full access to this web site.

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