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Messages of Condolence for Mr Pete Goodwin MBE

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Pete's wife and family.

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Any one of our team can be replaced at any time during this great game of life but there will never be a qualified substitute for star player, Pete Goodwin MBE. 

Dave Welsh
Chairman SoCA

Much of the fun we used to have with banter and barracking, talk of servicing Sopwith Camels and various other wind ups will now be gone.
Peter Goodwin was a true gentleman, a good friend and he will be sorely missed by all in the History Room at the ADRM, who so enjoyed his company.


Brian Crane

 We had known Pete for a short time compared to most members, BUT, the times we shared are memories to be treasured.  Always a friendly greeting at social events, a teasing grin over the Crumbs counter at the ADR museum, for me and a guiding light to Jeff in the Coltishall Memorial Rooms, be it during the open days, or in the winter work parties. He may be gone, but he will never be forgotten by us. God bless and rest in peace,

 from Jeff and Hazel.

Peter can in essence be summed up as the 'spirit' of the association.
I will always have fond memories of the many stories that he shared with me either in the museum or at the various functions we were at. I have certainly learned a lot from him over the years
Peter was the definition of a true gentleman and he will be missed by all who knew him


Craig Welsh

Pete was one of the best, who liked nothing better than waxing lyrical about the RAF (maybe apart from fishing, of course!). When Pete started a conversation with 'I remember when.....' you knew you were in for a treat, and he had a lovely way of reaching into his vast knowledge and years of experience at the 'sharp end' to entertain you!
So sad, Pete will be sorely missed by all who had the pleasure of knowing him. RIP.

Brian and Brenda Wheeler

Alas gone to meet "The Maker's Rep", I'm sure Pete will be up there with the Angels sorting out their flight problems. What a privilege it was to work with him in sorting out the Coltishall Collection in the early days. I'm not sure that we could have done it quicker as each photograph we reviewed, Peter had a story to tell about the subject. His tales would hold visitors enthralled whilst in the museum putting across and "telling the story". Yes I think you have given us all some real happy memories that have enriched all our lives, so we thank you for that.  One of the "Old School" of veterans so sadly missed now. Our sincere condolences to Joan and the family, our thoughts are with you at this time.


Paul & Liz Hendley. 

Both Ali and I were both shocked to hear the sad news of Peters death and extend our deepest sympathies to Joan and family. Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this trying time.

Peter and Ali Collins.

Tuesday evenings will never be quite the same without your stinging wit, the banter and barraking but also the underlying genuine friendship. I learnt more about the RAF from you than I did when I was serving. Brenda and I will miss you greatly.  Our sincere thoughts and condolences go out to Joan and the family at this time.

Brenda and Tony Collins

It was a great privilege to have known Pete, who will be sorely missed at all the SOCA events.
I deeply regret that I am unable to preside at Pete’s funeral, but know that Andrew Lane will do a splendid job.  My thoughts and prayers are with Joan and all the family.  May Pete rest in peace, and rise in glory.

Elizabeth Bailey
SOCA Chaplain

Some people come into this life, go through it and pass on without anyone really knowing that they have been here. Pete Goodwin was definitely not one of those people. Pete will be sorely missed by his family but he will also be missed by his friends and those who knew him. His passing has left a void in all our lives which will be hard to fill.

Ron and Linda Fraser